It's time: Migrating the PKI components from Windows Server 2012 to a new operating system

At the turn of the year, a note to all operators of a Microsoft Certification Authority and connected services:

The End of product support from Microsoft for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 is slowly approaching, it is the October 10, 2023.

Thus, it is time to prepare for the move to a new operating system.

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Customize the Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CES) after migrating a certificate authority to a new server

If a Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CES) is operated in the network, it is necessary to use the "Migration of an Active Directory integrated certification authority (Enterprise Certification Authority) to another server" requires that the configuration of the CES is adapted to the new situation.

A configuration string (Config String) is stored in the configuration of the CES, which contains the server name of the connected certification authority. If this changes, the configuration must be adjusted accordingly.

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Windows Server Migration Matrix for the Certification Authority

At the latest when the End of product support by the manufacturer (Microsoft) approaches, the question arises as to how and to which operating system a certification authority should be migrated.

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Migration of an Active Directory integrated certification authority (Enterprise Certification Authority) to another server

Often a certification authority lives significantly longer than the server on which it was installed. Reasons for migrating the certification authority to a new server, i.e. while retaining the data, can be:

  • Defect or end of life of the server hardware
  • End of life of the server operating system
  • Change of the server name

The procedure for migration is described in detail below.

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End of product support by the manufacturer (Microsoft)

Each Windows Server operating system has a defined end date after which there is no longer any product support from the manufacturer. Certification authorities are also bound to this date, and should therefore be migrated before this date expires.

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