Limits of Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services

Active Directory Certificate Services have existed (albeit under a different name) in their basic form since Windows NT 4.0. The architecture based on Active Directory used today was introduced with Windows 2000 Server. AD CS are very well integrated into the Windows ecosystem and continue to be very popular in enterprises and government agencies of all sizes worldwide.

People like to point out the many possibilities offered by Active Directory Certificate Services. Rarely, however, is reference made to what can be done with them. not is possible. In the meantime, the product has also reached its limits in many places.

What these are will be explained in more detail below in order to better decide whether the AD CS can be the right solution for planned projects.

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Performance problems with auditing of "Start and stop Active Directory Certificate Services".

When configuring the auditing settings of a certificate authority, one is inclined to select the "Start and Stop Active Directory Certificate Services" option. However, this option may cause problems in some circumstances.

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