About me

Who I am

My name is Uwe Gradenegger. I grew up in Hesse, matured into a professional in Munich and have now settled in Middle Franconia.

I can look back on more than 15 years of professional experience, especially but not only with Microsoft products, and I am particularly passionate about IT security.

Over the past decade, I have specialized professionally in public key infrastructures and, in particular, Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services.

From 2013 to 2016 I worked at the Academy of Administration and Business (VWA) Munich completed a degree in computer science business administration (VWA) and successfully graduated with a thesis on the subject of public key infrastructures.

From 2015 to 2020, I was with the Microsoft Germany GmbH in Munich as Senior Premier Field Engineer Security with focus on Public Key Infrastructures.

What distinguishes me

I would describe my way of working as very structured. Furthermore, I am always interested in finding out why and how something works. A point where many instructions on the Internet can not provide an answer.

In addition, my focus is also always on preserving and improving safety. Just because something "kind of" works doesn't mean it makes sense to implement something in a certain way. My approach is holistic and carefully weighs the "for" and "against".

Why this website?

This website is my personal knowledge base for the topics I have worked out around Microsoft PKI as well as Active Directory security. In the meantime the articles have reached or already far exceeded the size of a reference book on these topics.

Since all this information is potentially of interest to other people and can help to increase the IT security level of companies and authorities as well as protect them from IT security incidents, I provide the information on this website free of charge.

In addition, in this way I would like to arouse interest in this underestimated technology and get others excited about this topic. After all, PKI is a topic of the future, and has been for 50 years.

Please keep in mind while reading that I am only human and - even though I run this project with a lot of effort and commitment - of course I make mistakes here and there. If you find such, have suggestions or comments for me, I am of course very happy about a notification. Please also note that I also regularly revise already published articles, for example if new findings arise.

You find my website helpful and want to support my project?

Did my website help you? Would you perhaps like to support my work with a donation? Contact me and I will be happy to name a non-profit organization that I personally support.