Details of the event with ID 22 of the source Microsoft-Windows-CertificationAuthority

Event Source:Microsoft-Windows-CertificationAuthority
Event ID:22 (0x16)
Event log:Application
Event type:Error
Event text (English):Active Directory Certificate Services could not process request %1 due to an error: %2. The request was for %3. Additional information: %4
Event text (German):The request %1 could not be executed due to an error: %2. The request was for %3. More information: %4
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Allowed Relative Distinguished Names (RDNs) in the Subject of Issued Certificates

In principle, the RFC 5280 the use of arbitrary strings in the subject string of a certificate. Common fields in the standard are X.520 described. The Length restrictions are also recommended by the ITU-T. The abbreviations commonly used today are mainly taken from the RFC 4519.

However, Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services only allows certain RDNs by default.

The following Relative Distinguished Names (RDNs) are accepted by the Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) certificate authority by default:

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