Configuring the Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) for use with an alias.

The following describes the steps required to configure the Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) for use with an alias.

The term alias means that the service is not called with the name of the server on which it is installed, but with a generic name independent of this name. The use of an alias allows the service to be moved to another system at a later time without having to inform all participants of the new address.

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Perform functional test for certification authority web registration (CAWE)

After installing and configuring Certificate Authority Web Enrollment (CAWE), it is essential to test the component extensively before releasing it to users. Below are instructions for a detailed functional test.

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Requesting certificates via Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CES) fails with error code "ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED".

Assume the following scenario:

  • You try to request a certificate via a Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CEP) from an Active Directory-integrated certification authority (Enterprise Certification Authority).
  • The operation fails with the following error message:
Certificate Request Processor: The server name or address could not be resolved 0x80072ee7 (WinHttp: 12007 ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)
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When calling the Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) administration web page (certsrv/mscep_admin), one is always prompted to log in.

Assume the following scenario:

  • An NDES server is configured on the network.
  • The NDES server is called under a DNS alias.
  • Despite entering the correct login data, you are always prompted to log in again when you access the NDES administration web page (certsrv/mscep_admin).
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